Is PAC-MAN God? (Eye of the Tiber Submission)

Eye of the Tiber is parody website; a Catholic version of “The Onion”. They used to accept fan submissions, and since they didn’t post this one when I sent it to them a couple years ago I decided to put it here.


In a shocking discovery made by Global Academic League for Analysis of Game Algorithms it has been revealed that the popular video game “PAC-MAN” is really a metaphor for God himself. According to Professor Sonia Edjog, the PAC-MAN allegory is “obvious” once you see the connection.

“It came to me during Mass last Sunday,” she reported. “Father was just raising the two broken pieces of the body of Christ when it dawned on me; ‘You know? That looks an awful lot like PAC-MAN.’”

From there, Edjog and her excited team of specialist brainstormed for days coming up with more connections to the Eucharist shaped protagonist.


Red Plumber, a leader on the team, informed the Eye, “Just consider how the game features three distinct men, who are yet one PAC. This is a clear parallel with God and the trinity.”

“We have also pondered PAC-MAN’s never ending quest to be one with an array of wondering souls and return them home; a clear metaphor for Jesus’ role as the Good Shepherd. The picture was completed when we realized that after dying at the hands of the ungrateful lost souls, PAC-MAN is resurrected from the dead.”

Professor Edjog and the League are currently investigating the possibility that “PAC” might be a loose acronym for “Persona Christi”.


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